Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cruel Words: "I Love You"

She knows no peace in her heart, she wonders of her mysterious love. Where could he be? He ran away and never returned, but he leaves messages that have been carried to her by the wind. “I love you,” the wind says as if to be tugging at her heart. She knows it is him because of how she feels when she hears it. She listens to the wind every day, hoping that in the field that she stands in to hear it, he will appear in the distance just before the trees. She is there, day and night, hoping, praying of his return. But she doesn’t know that every day, every night that passes, her heart begins to grow weaker. She feels left out and a lone more and more. The girl begins to question this love she hears by the wind, for it was so long ago that she actually heard his voice. Maybe it is her imagination and the “I love you” that she hears is nothing but her mind playing tricks on her. But no, she has to keep coming every day. He will return, she says over and over in her heart. But the truth is her mind knows that he will probably never return. He said such cruel words to her soul then left. “ I love you”. Love is not this way. It is supposed to make you happy. But saying that, he did not know, and leaving was worse than saying that he did not like her. These cruel words… Her heart began to sour. It grew cold and forced her to be mean to the words ‘I love you.’ She was torn apart by these cruel words, and wasted her life waiting… The last day she came, all mean and sour, she stood in her spot and listen. The wind did not blow and it was calm and cold. The field was no longer beautiful and green. Tears began to roll down her face and she collapsed in the dead grass. Her sobs could not be controlled and her whimpers were long and sad. But during this time she heard in her ear, “I love you dear”. And she stopped in a shaky fear.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

If You Can Draw...

If you can draw…

the light that bounces off of the dancing leaves in the forest and hits your face as you try to peer up at the sunny sky

the sound of a small bird’s song in a bustling street,

the tune of a song that has no end,

the way a dream can give hope to the people,

the way rays of light warm your face on a sunny winter’s day,

the sound of the wind when it whispers secrets in your ear,

the way the air sometime smells of love and you don’t know where it is coming from,

or the feelings you get from your true love’s kiss.

If you can draw all of these, I must give you credit, because you can draw.

Lose Your Troubles

It is hard to lose your troubles once they have appeared. They latch on like leeches and do not let go. But here is a remedy that might interest you. It is easy and it is up to you if it is effective. By me saying that is that you have to believe.

Take a handful of earth and gaze into it.

Put all your troubles and thoughts of distress into it

State exactly what it is that is troubling you. When you are finished,

throw the dirt behind you and walk away.

Do not turn around to look at it.

You will feel much better by this silly trick. But do remember that you have to believe it will work.


Fear is the emotion that grips the heart and is terrorfying. I describe it as frightening and scary experience that is different than anything that I have felt. It makes a feeling, for an instant, of endangerment. A good example of fear would be Halloween. People associate Halloween and fear together because of all the scary things like ghosts and goblins that deal with Halloween. It is the only holiday in the year that does associate with scaring people and trying to strike fear into their heart.

The emotion fear stands alone because it is like no other. It doesn't make you happy, but not really sad either. It is a mixture of surprise and dread. Fear is the feeling of being in danger which makes it diffenent. Happiness makes a feeling of glad and blessedness. Fear is the total opposite of happiness. There is a joy in fear though. For example, when I went to scare my sister, I laughed when I scared her. It made me happy but made her feel scared and unhappy. So for the concusion on fear, I would like to say that fear is in everyone at one time in their life. It is terrorfying and can be an experience like no other.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Night Angel

I stand in a field waiting for him this night. The trees in the distance that border the plains where I stand look dark and lonely. The soft wimpy wind caresses my face. It blows the glimmering grass making it look of waves and I am standing in a ocean.

The night air is crisp and cool. Condensing on my skin to make beads that shimmer in the moon light,

I wait nervously for my fate. For my true side only comes in the dark moon light.

The black dress I wear flows and dances in the wind as it if is celebrating my return of the true form.

It is glad to know the future of my being.

But I am not

I am frozen in fear but happy to be what is coming. I do not know or understand why this must happen to me,

All I know- It is my Destiny.

My head is down as well as my heart, my emotions run wild and swirl on the inside like an untamed beast that wants out.

My outside is as calm as a lamb and moves not like the calm waters.

The brown skin that covers my whole being shimmers ever so more for a reason as I hold myself now. I then realize what is happening, - the moon is coming out to welcome me home again.

I hold myself tighter waiting to feel it’s cold rays, but I cannot stand not to peer up for it is my calling.

My eyes are wide and face is surprised, but how can I be when I knew this all along.

The night sky was a vast ocean of stars that was cold and welcoming to my soul. I then saw the moon as it appeared as the last few clouds danced away.

My heart sinks and so does my body as it is racked with a pain that is out of this world. I bend and twist but there is no relief for it gets worse and goes deeper.

I spine crackling scream comes out my mouth as I feel myself losing this battle. My body cannot take no more. I stop thrashing around for my body did it on its own. I feel tears come out my eyes and roll down my cheeks. They felt different from any tears I have every cried before because of them seep slowly and thick like my blood. My flesh on my back was the only sound now. As it tore and ripped to make way for more.

Feathers and bone could be heard in my ears, but I did not care at this point because of my mind saying no more it cannot take.

In this pain I find relief- my heart skips beats as if giving up, my nerves quiver in my shock, my breath catches in my lungs and they won’t let go.

Then it is over.

the pain

the noise

nothing but the wind

I hold my hands in front of me covered in my own blood.

"It is done" my mind shouts, so I stand my weary body to its feet. My breath comes back to breathe fresh air. My chest beats a new, stronger than ever. My mind is eased of the agony it had gone through and rejoices.

"Now it is time"

I say to myself, feeling the cool leftovers of my spilled blood seep down my weak body,

I spread my wings to let them show.

"of the return of the Night Angel's return to her throne."