Sunday, August 15, 2010


Fear is the emotion that grips the heart and is terrorfying. I describe it as frightening and scary experience that is different than anything that I have felt. It makes a feeling, for an instant, of endangerment. A good example of fear would be Halloween. People associate Halloween and fear together because of all the scary things like ghosts and goblins that deal with Halloween. It is the only holiday in the year that does associate with scaring people and trying to strike fear into their heart.

The emotion fear stands alone because it is like no other. It doesn't make you happy, but not really sad either. It is a mixture of surprise and dread. Fear is the feeling of being in danger which makes it diffenent. Happiness makes a feeling of glad and blessedness. Fear is the total opposite of happiness. There is a joy in fear though. For example, when I went to scare my sister, I laughed when I scared her. It made me happy but made her feel scared and unhappy. So for the concusion on fear, I would like to say that fear is in everyone at one time in their life. It is terrorfying and can be an experience like no other.

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  1. Fear.I like that. We thrive on fear from others experiences. Like horror movies. We also have fun scaring people that makes us happy. ~~~Cloud