Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cruel Words: "I Love You"

She knows no peace in her heart, she wonders of her mysterious love. Where could he be? He ran away and never returned, but he leaves messages that have been carried to her by the wind. “I love you,” the wind says as if to be tugging at her heart. She knows it is him because of how she feels when she hears it. She listens to the wind every day, hoping that in the field that she stands in to hear it, he will appear in the distance just before the trees. She is there, day and night, hoping, praying of his return. But she doesn’t know that every day, every night that passes, her heart begins to grow weaker. She feels left out and a lone more and more. The girl begins to question this love she hears by the wind, for it was so long ago that she actually heard his voice. Maybe it is her imagination and the “I love you” that she hears is nothing but her mind playing tricks on her. But no, she has to keep coming every day. He will return, she says over and over in her heart. But the truth is her mind knows that he will probably never return. He said such cruel words to her soul then left. “ I love you”. Love is not this way. It is supposed to make you happy. But saying that, he did not know, and leaving was worse than saying that he did not like her. These cruel words… Her heart began to sour. It grew cold and forced her to be mean to the words ‘I love you.’ She was torn apart by these cruel words, and wasted her life waiting… The last day she came, all mean and sour, she stood in her spot and listen. The wind did not blow and it was calm and cold. The field was no longer beautiful and green. Tears began to roll down her face and she collapsed in the dead grass. Her sobs could not be controlled and her whimpers were long and sad. But during this time she heard in her ear, “I love you dear”. And she stopped in a shaky fear.

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  1. That was beautiful. Sad as well. However it really got my mind thinking about how 3 words can mean so much to the human heart and mind. If we live to feel loved, then why are we consistantly drawn to the ones that hurt us? ~~~Cloud